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ProActif Limited was established in 1991, dedicated to providing world-class computer expertise. Today, we embrace technological advancement and provide the same high level of customer service - and with that, customer satisfaction.
We provide application and system software design and programming to exact specifications, using the very latest programming tools and techniques. Our head architect has over 20 years' programming experience, gained while working with and for many large companies - using both hardware and software. Coupled with this, we can provide any of a range of hardware and implementation techniques to suit scale, environment and budget - using either Microsoft or Unix technologies. However, while we understand business because we have had a quarter century helping it in its many forms, we are IT professionals first and foremost - our customers already understand their own businesses, our job is to add value.
ProActif also provides web site design and hosting, and web consultation to companies ranging from architects, telecommunications and recording companies to hotels, brass bands and leisure facilities. We can provide a suitable web solution to any type of customer, including various e-mail services to meet your needs.
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